Yesterday, the EURUSD dropped heavily and the GBPUSD showed mixed sentiment. Today, the EURUSD is showing mixed sentiment and the GBPUSD is going down. From the data front, manufacturing PMI in June in the Eurozone, UK and the US will be published. Anyway, let’s move on to the analysis:


The EURUSD dropped deeply yesterday. The price finished the session slightly above the S2 support level, near 1.185. During today’s Asian trading session, the price went down even more, but this morning it started rising. If the buyers continue generating sufficient demand, the price might rise above the Pivot Point today. But if the bears show their strength once again, the price could fall to the S1,

EURUSD - 1.07.2021


Yesterday, the GBPUSD showed mixed sentiment. However, the bulls weren’t strong enough to stay above the EMA 77, so the price finished the session below that level. Today, it is going down a bit, though. If the buyers don’t generate some serious appetite soon, the price could drop below 1.38 today. But if they do, the price might one more time rise above the EMA 200.

GBPUSD - 1.07.2021