How to download and install MT4 platform2022-04-08T11:45:02+01:00
  1. Go to the Platforms section of the EXCO website https://excotrader.com/platforms/metatrader-4/ and scroll down to the “Download MT4 Platform” section.How to download MT4
  2. Choose your preferred platform. For PCs – click “Download for Windows”. For mobile devices, select according to your phone / tablet – Android or iOS.
  3. After downloading the file (for Windows), run it and follow the installation instructions.
    After installation, the platform will start automatically.

    Download MT4

  4. Now close the window displayed in the middle of the platform. Then click on the Menu on “File” and then “Login to Trade Account”.
    Use the login details for your Live or Demo account that you received on your email when registering accounts at the “myExco” Traders Room.
    If you haven’t registered with the “myExco” Traders Room yet, check out this tutorial.

    Download MT4

What is PAMM?2021-03-11T23:34:34+00:00

The PAMM or Percentage Allocation Management Module, which is a trading platform that administrates managers and investors account with the same broker.