Kano e-Business Seminar

Understanding the future of wealth creation.

Date: 26, March 2022, Time: 11am
Venue: Grand Central Hotel No. 1, Bompai Road Kano

Gabriel Ojimadu
Gabriel OjimaduFinancial Markets Expert
Ibrahim Adam
Ibrahim AdamAlgo Trading System Developer
Samuel Dinah
Samuel DinahFinancial Markets Expert

Are you tired of the 4 major psychological emotions that comes with trading the FX market?

Are you tired of waiting endlessly for Market Set ups?

With our ever-changing world of internet and technology Are you ready for the Future of Wealth Creation?

Join EXCO in this exclusive seminar and learn how to connect to the future of Wealth Creation.

Join EXCO Traders and other Algorithmic Traders and discover how to be successful using robotic artificial Intelligence.

In this Seminar, you will:

  1. Learn How to use Robotic and Artificial Intelligence to Trade Currency.
  2. Listen to Successful Algorithmic Traders share experience and display practical results.
  3. Network and get an opportunity to own a robot
  4. Stand a chance of owning a robot and becoming a Partner with EXCO Trader.

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Welcome to the Future of Wealth Creation.

Seminar Venue in Kano:
Grand Central Hotel
No. 1, Bompai Road Kano