Become an EXCO Ambassador and let’s grow together

We have gone beyond the traditional rebate and commission systems, and have crafted some of the best rewarding business growth and robust revenue rewarding systems for our valued partners.

Who are the EXCO Ambassadors?

  • Money Managers
  • Introducing Brokers
  • Affiliates
  • Local/Regional Representatives

For all classes of Partnership, we have the best solutions to empower you to grow your network, get the best reward for your trading systems, build your own team, assist you in your marketing budget as well as provide you with the technology and systems you need to beat the competition.

EXCO Ambassadors

For Introducing Brokers and Affiliates

Earn CPAs and get paid up to $20 per lot without adding markup to your clients while they still enjoy the best market spreads on all account types, and easiest onboarding process and excellent trading conditions with free trading tools from our R&D departments:

What’s more:

  • No restrictions regarding trades – we are paying for all (e.g inside-spread scalping strategy, no minimum trade duration etc)
  • Daily withdrawals (no minimum amount)
  • No minimum number of clients before withdrawal
  • Detailed database of all your clients and trading reports
  • Different referral links for sophisticated marketing
  • The multi-level sub introducer system
  • Best in the world MLM structure
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EXCO Manager Program
IB Partnership

For Money Managers

We believe fund managers should be adequately rewarded for their intellectual prowess in managing and growing the capital of their investors, this is why we have built the best PAMM system & technology you can find anywhere.

With EXCO PAMM Technology, now you can:

  • Set (optional) one-time fee for investors upon investing in your strategy (in % or fixed amount)
  • Set (optional) profit share (up to 50/50)
  • Set (optional) recurring fee (in % or fixed fee – monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • Set PAMM as private/public
  • Internal chat system to communicate with investors
  • Earn extra commissions/cash backs on the spread.
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For Local/Regional Representatives/Ambassadors

Simply indicate your interest to represent EXCO in your region and we will assist you in your marketing budget as well as provide you with the technology and reporting systems you need to beat the competition.

Take advantage of our global brand and creative marketing tools and promotional materials to build yourself a successful business.

What’s more:

  • Unbeatable revenue share from 1st month
  • Stable and fixed bonuses
  • Prestigious title/position
  • Well-known global brand
  • Business support
  • Access to EXCO official communication channel
  • Educational seminars
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Money Manager

Join us in becoming an EXCO Ambassador in your City.

Why Partner with EXCO

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Daily Real-time rebates
  • Up to 25% on sub-affiliates
  • Business support
  • Prestigious brand